BHIM is an app that lets you make easy and quick payment transactions using UPI. It’s easier than Wallets! You will not have to fill-out those tedious bank account details again and again. You can easily make direct bank to bank payments and instantly collect money using just Mobile number or Payment address.

As fast as it can get! All payments over BHIM are linked to your bank account and transaction can be completed within few seconds.

Bharat Interface for Money

There are no charges for making transaction through BHIM. Note: Your bank might however levy a nominal charge as UPI or IMPS transfer fee, which is not under our control.

Please check with your bank for more details

BHIM can be used currently on all handsets with iOS (version 8.1 & above) & Android OS (version 4.2 & above).

Your account need not be enabled for mobile banking to use BHIM. Your mobile number shall have to be registered with the Bank.

To enable transfers directly using your bank account, your bank needs to be live on UPI (Unified Payment Interface) platform. All the banks, which are currently live on UPI, have been listed in the BHIM app.

You can set your UPI PIN by going to Main Menu -Bank Accounts -Set UPI-PIN for the selected account. You will be prompted to enter the last 6 digits of your Debit/ATM card along with the expiry date. You will then receive an OTP which you will enter and set your UPI-PIN. Note: UPI PIN is not the same as MPIN provided by your bank for mobile banking.

Currently, BHIM supports linking of one Bank only. At the time of account set-up, you can link your preferred bank account as the default account. In case you want to link another bank account, you can go to Main menu, choose Bank Accounts and select your default account. Any money that is transferred to you using your mobile number or payment address will be credited into your default account.

Yes. Payment can be made via (IFSC, Account number) or (MMID, Mobile number) if the person is not registered on BHIM.

Every transaction through your bank account will be recorded by the Bank and you can view all your past transactions in the 'Transaction History' section on the BHIM App.

Through BHIM you can make following type of transaction:

  • Request or Send Money via Payment Address
  • Send Money to Aadhaar Number
  • Request or Send Money to Mobile number
  • Send Money through MMID, Mobile No.
  • Send Money through IFSC code, Account No.
  • In addition, you can use the scan and pay option for Merchant payments.

From the BHIM app Home screen,

  • Click Send Money Option;
  • Enter or select the receiver's mobile number or Payment Address (you can select from your contact list or enter it) or Aadhaar number
  • Enter the amount you want to send
  • Your default bank a/c gets selected
  • Enter UPI PIN and send