Operational Plan

  • CSC VLEs visit to the merchant’s site
  • Onboard merchant by installing BHIM on his/her respective mobile phone and enable them by clicking on
    "I AM MERCHANT" on BHIM App.
  • VLEs or his/her operator will fill the details like Merchant name, Mobile Number, Shop Name, Shop Address, UPI address, transaction ids, merchant details photo upload of the merchant on the CSC BHIM App. To do so
    • To Fill UPI address, Scan the QR code of merchant’s BHIM App by CSC BHIM App.
    • VLE will do two transactions of 5-5 rupees to the merchant. And this details will be filled automatically in the transaction field
    • For uploading merchant details screenshot, VLE will go to Merchant section of BHIM App and take a snapshot by CSC BHIM App
  • VLE will download and print the QR code for merchant from the portal. It will be pasted on the merchant shop.
  • VLE will upload a photo of merchant with shop.